Isobel and Van collaborate on animated films and artworks. Together they have produced award winning works which have been shown around Australia and the world.

Dwelling (2015)

Dwelling was an audio-visual outdoor performance which took place in a custom built house in a carpark in Footscray for the opening of the Big West Festival. Dwelling combines live performance with sound, animation and visual effects to create an extraordinary narrative experience about women and homelessness.

It's a jungle in here (2011)

It's a jungle in here is an interactive installation that explores the boundaries between what's ok and what's not in everyday encounters. Via a live video feed, two participants become performers in an animated drama.

You Were In My Dream (2010)

You Were In My Dream is an interactive installation that involves the viewer directly, by taking a live video feed of your face and combining it into a beautiful stop motion dream world.

Clara (2004)

Clara is a 7 minute stop motion animation about a twelve year old girl struggling with a massive change in her life. It uses silicon puppets and realistic sets to create a sense of both sadness and enchantment.

Expecting (2004)

Expecting blends the real, the virtual and the not too distant future to examine the very contemporary notions of isolation and detachment. In an environment that appears nurturing, yet is ultimately controlling and lonely, a child’s body combines with a teddy bear to become a baby-making appliance.

Play With Me (2001)

Play With Me is an interactive installation that uses stop-motion animation housed in a life-sized cubby house. Inside, Flora invites you to play with her but events quickly escalate away from the viewer’s control and a terrible scene unfolds.