Touring Information

The work is a custom-built application which runs off a PC. Two webcams, a microphone and a button via an Arduino provide input to the PC. Animation is displayed on two monitors housed inside the cabinet and sound is played though two sets of headphones.
All technology is included with the artwork.

Exhibition Requirements

It’s a jungle in here needs a floor area of 2m x 2m with available electrical outlet.

Shipping Details

There are currently two exhibiting versions of the work, one in Australia and one in Europe.

The Australian version is packed into two crates with the following dimensions:

A: 1400mm (L) x 980mm (W) x 750mm (H), ~80 kgs
B: 1300 mm (L) x 620mm (W) x 680mm (H), ~50 kgs

Unless other arrangements have been made the work must be shipped from and returned to Melbourne, Australia.

The European version is currently in Switzerland. Please contact the artists for shipping details.

Shipping Alternative

Shipping costs to some destinations may be prohibitive in which case we have created plans for a version which can be built easily on site. Please contact us if you wish to explore this option.



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